28. Death of the Author

Jim, Nick and Callum discuss whether it’s possible to keep enjoying art and media after learning problematic truths about their creators. Topics include JK Rowling, Woody Allen, Warren Ellis and Orson Scott Card. Spoilers for Transmetropolitan.

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27. Interpretation and Expectation

Jim and Nick discuss how different ways audiences engage with media affects their narrative expectations. Spring-boarding off the Steven Universe finale, we touch on shipping, prioritising world-building versus character development and fan fixation on granular details.

Minor spoilers for Steven Universe.

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26. Intertextual Fanservice

Jim and Nick discuss media that references other media for fans’ sakes, spring-boarding off of the recent return of Doctor Who fan favourite the Master.

Spoilers for Doctor Who, Star Trek: Into Darkness, Rise of Skywalker.

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25. Risks and Relationships

Jim and Nick discuss how change affects fan relationships to media. Topics include the Guilty Gear series, Half Life, Dynasty Warriors, Glove and Boots, Time Splitters and, inevitably, Star Wars. (Note: This was recorded before the release of Rise of Skywalker)

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24. Adapting the Goldfinch

Jim and Callum (and the world) did not like the 2019 film adaptation of the Goldfinch. We discuss we the film failed to capture the emotional heart of the book and various approaches for how to fix it.

Spoilers for the Goldfinch and, oddly, Fight Club.

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21. Giving Fans What They Want

Jim and Nick discuss the merits and pitfalls that come with satisfying fans. Tangents include comparing Marvel to Friends and the merits of the Star Wars prequels.

Spoilers for Avengers: Infinity War, How I Met Your Mother and Star VS The Forces of Evil.

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